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Charges and General Information

                                                         only 99 per standard Image

The Standard Image

Choose the image you require and have it delivered in any of the following forms:-                                                                   

              CD Disk                 ( High Resolution )

        File by  E - Mail      ( Regular Resolution)

          ONLY 99 

iMage Plus Service

Here we can offer you any of our images plus further services such as enlargements, exhibition mounting, framing and manipulation services etc. Please ask us for a quote for any of these.

If you require one of our  images with some image manipulation or modification such as change of tone, resizing, high or low contrast, colour to black and white, or other special effects etc., then please talk to us about our iMage Plus service. We can now do most things with images and if we can't, we usually know somebody who can. We will be pleased to discuss any requirements you may have.

Similarly we can extend this type of service through anthonymosley-photographer.co.uk to any of your own images if required.

Shortly we will be offering other new exciting iMage Plus services including  merging  graphics and text designs with images and other forms of multimedia.

No Further Sale Agreements

Whilst appreciating that some of our customers may feel the need to have the exclusive use of an image for a given period,  "exclusivity" is not included within the price of a standard image. We are of course willing to offer a "No Further Sale" agreement on some images.

"No further sale" agreements mean that we will not license the use of a specific image during the period that a no further sale agreement is in force.  Customers should be aware, however, that an image may have been licensed for use prior to a no further sale request and we will be free to re-licence the image to other customers when the no further sale agreement period is over. We will, of course, always advise.

No further sale agreement charges will vary depending on the image chosen but, in the main, will start at the standard image charge plus 100% (99) per annum or 12 per month (4 week) per image.  As part of the Acquire Image Media  launch offer, we are offering any of the images with a "No Further Sale" Agreement (where possible) at these rates until further notice.

For obvious reasons, we will not always be in a position to offer no further sale agreements on all our images all the time.

 Preparation Processing and Delivery Charges

These charges cover the production of the image(s) in the format required and delivery.
Most normal deliveries will be made by electronic transfer (including e-mails and attachments), independent carrier, or Royal Mail and delivery will be within 7 days if not specified.

All deliveries are subject to charges as follows:

Images on CD - 3.50 (per CD)

Images by Email - 3.50 (per Email)


On packaged prints and display material up to 300 net invoice charges - 3.50

Thereafter each 100 net invoice charged @ 1.00

 NOTE : These charges can vary as we do not always charge the full amount as stated on large high value consignments and sometimes we will charge more if there are any special requirements attached to the delivery beyond our normal processing, delivery, or carriage and packing.

Express and Special Deliveries

Where some consignments require special,  insured, or express deliveries these will be charged for at a higher rate, in some cases by separate and individual  quote.

By prior arrangement we will always endeavour to get your goods to you as fast as you need them. Our Express Service can usually arrange delivery on the following basis where possible : within  3 days,  24 hours,  or sometimes same day.

All our prices are subject to VAT at the current rate


Please read our general terms and conditions of trading which are deemed to have been accepted and agreed when ordering.

You can contact us at :

 Acquire Image Media

  16 Edgecombe Way, St Ann's Chapel, Gunnislake, Cornwall, PL18 9HJ. ENGLAND

Telephone and Fax:   Int +44(0)1822 833204.

e-mail at

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