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The Idea

Acquire Image Media (AIM) is the brand name and media image division of  Anthony Mosley Photographer. AIM acts both as an image store for those requiring images for business and as an agency for photographic and other media contributors. Anthony Mosley Photographer has built up an excellent reputation based on personal recommendation for commissioned photographic work since 1985 with a specialist knowledge in the areas of agriculture, livestock and food. There is a quite separate Anthony Mosley website which can be seen by clicking on anthonymosley-photographer.co.uk

Having built up a  corporate customer base over many years, we have been repeatedly asked to supply images at the drop of a hat which in many cases we probably had somewhere in stock, but with the pressure and time demands of commissioned photography it was always too interruptive to our normal work. We have now decided to embrace this demand for which we feel there is a market that we are clearly well placed to serve and have set up a totally separate division of Anthony Mosley Photographer with its own brand identity and which will be given its own marketing strategy.

Our Requirements

We have a requirement for good quality photographs both technical and pictorial that lend themselves for use primarily in the areas of agriculture, livestock, farming, all aspects of rural affairs, rural pastimes, woodlands, timber and forestry , associated transport, plant and equipment at work, rivers , irrigation systems and drainage, all aspects of the food industry including growing, processing, packaging, food retailing, catering, many aspects of the leisure industry where there is a connection with any of the above subjects; celebrities, personalities and politicians past and present especially where there are obvious connections with the above subjects.

Preferably we require the images as high resolution, colour and density balanced, tif. files on CD of approx 70 Mb as this is what we have to end up with. Alternatively we can accept original RAW files. We realise that this may not be possible in all cases for all contributors and therefore we are  also willing to receive good original unaltered large fine quality jpeg files. We can also accept good quality prints ( preferably at 6" x  8" ) or negatives and transparencies (from 35mm and medium format).

What We Do

We will then look at the contributions and asses their marketability. Those images that we feel might sell will then be scanned or processed, with some manipulation if felt necessary, to a low resolution, referenced and catalogued and included on the website under the appropriate category for customers to view and then processed again to a high resolution, and filed on DVD for final use. No doubt potential contributors will appreciate that this is very time consuming and expensive and therefore we have to believe there is a possible market for the image.

All original images will be returned to contributors whether or not we have taken their images on to the website.

Contributors Contracts and Payment

We offer a clear and simple contributors agreement to all our contributors together with a dated schedule of images.

We will pay our contributors 40% of the fee we receive for the basic or standard image. The basic or standard image includes  the right for the customer to use the image according to the terms and conditions laid out on the terms and conditions page. This may not be the total price we have been paid if the customer has asked us to supply the image in more than its basic or standard form or if the customer has requested any special requirements attached to the image.

Our charges and prices are all published and available for inspection on this website. We shall initially be introducing our image charges at 99.00 plus VAT per image and thus a contributor would receive 40% of 99.00 i.e. 39.60( plus VAT if the contributor is VAT registered ).

Where a contributors image is sold as part of or included in a 'special offer' or 'deal', for example a 'buy one and get one free' offer then it will be regarded as though both images are being sold for half the basic fee and therefore the contributor would receive 40% of  49.50.

Payment will be made to the contributor at the end of the month following the month in which the sale of the image is made.

If we agree to take on a contributors image or images it will be assumed by us that the contributor is the owner of the copyright to the image and that in offering the image to us there will be no conflict of interest with any other party. We also insist that the image or images are left with us for a minimum period of at least 60 months from the date that they first appear on the website. A dated schedule of images will always be sent to contributors.

It is also a condition of agreement that the contributor agrees not to offer images that we have agreed to take on for sale elsewhere. The only exceptions to this is where a  working commercial photographer has supplied us with photographs that were originally taken as part of a commissioned job and where the photographer has an obligation to continue to supply reprints to his or her original customer at normal reprint charges or, where a photographer's images are involved with fine art, poster, postcard and book illustration publishing .

In Conclusion

Although we have been developing this project for  over three years now, it is still quite early days for us.  We accept, therefore, that we have a lot to learn from both our customers and contributors. We will listen closely to the comments and feed back that we get and will continually be looking to improve the quality of service and content, ease of use, and relations with both our customers and contributors.

No doubt in the course of improvements there will be changes in all our areas of operation and we would ask you to bear with us, keeping an eye on this page and the website in general for any changes.

We firmly believe that  given the commitment and effort to this new project by all concerned, we will be able to build a business that will generate a profitable and useful income for our contributors whilst offering a very specialised  service at an affordable price for our customers.

We look forward to hearing from you and hope this will be the start of mutually satisfactory working partnership

You can contact us at :

 Acquire Image Media

  16 Edgecombe Way, St Ann's Chapel, Gunnislake, Cornwall, PL18 9HJ. ENGLAND

Telephone and Fax:   Int +44 (0)1822 833204.

e-mail at 

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