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Livestock Cattle Beef
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ANM-D524-F1-RS-706-0062 ANM-D183-CN645-121-694-8
Limousin Being Washed Limousin Bull Calf

ANM-D107-CN35-135-702-22 ANM-D473-F1-804-0749
Limousin Bull Champion Head Limousin Bull Line-Up

ANM-D524-F1-RCB-906-8711 ANM-D37-CN645-144-892-45
Limousin Bull in Cattle Lines Limousin Bull stood

ANM-D40-CN35-35-402-30 ANM-D40-CN35-34-402-13
Limousin Bull with Cow and Two Calves Limousin Calf

ANM-D41-CN35-34-402-34 ANM-D41-CN35-35-402-1
Limousin Calf Head under Mother Limousin Calf Lying Down

ANM-D466-F3-1104-24 ANM-D41-CN35-34-402-15
Limousin Cattle Class Limousin Cattle and Calf

ANM-D127-CN645-78-702-44 CCN-D16-902-9
Limousin Commercial Heifer Limousin Cow Feeding at Trough

CCN-D16-902-30 ANM-D41-CN35-34-402-12
Limousin Cow and Calf Feeding Limousin Cow and Calf Heads

CCN-D16-902-16 CCN-D21-902-31
Limousin Cow and Calf and Farmer Limousin Cow and Calf held by Farmer

CCN-D16-902-28 ANM-D52-CN645-110-0700-42
Limousin Cow and Calf with Farmer Limousin Cow stood

ANM-D41-CN35-35-402-33 ANM-D41-CN35-35-402-6
Limousin Cow with Two Calves Limousin Cows and Calves

ANM-D183-CN645-175-796-48 ANM-D183-CN645-80-695-44
Limousin Group of Five Back Ends Limousin Group of Three Back Ends

CCN-D16-902-33 ANM-D138-CN645-150-791-55
Limousin Head Limousin Heifer

ANM-D184-CN645-266-896-46 ANM-D524-F1-RCB-906-8726
Limousin Junior Cow Limousin Senior Bull

ANM-D184-CN645-30-595-42 ANM-D294-CN645-30-595-47
Limousin Senior Bull Limousin Senior Bull Stood

ANM-D184-CN645-794-10 ANM-D184-CN645-98-792-52
Limousin Senior Cow Limousin Senior Cow Stood

ANM-D127-CN645-27-0500-46 ANM-D41-CN35-34-402-35
Limousin Steer Limousin Suckling Calf

ANM-D325-104-68 ANM-D466-F4-ES-804-0753
Limousin Three Rear Ends Limousin Two Rear Ends

CLA-D434-F4-904-34 CLA-D434-F4-904-35
Limousin X Cow Limousin X Cow Face

CLA-D434-F4-904-36 ANM-D41-CN35-35-402-3
Limousin X Cow from Rear Limousin Young Calf

ANM-D466-F4-ES-804-0751 CCN-D16-902-27
Limousins Row of Back Ends Limousins Tasting Something New

CCN-D16-902-29 ANM-D91-CN35-72-502-7
Limousins in Field Limousins in Sale Pens

ANM-D184-CN645-117-793-51 ANM-D524-F1-LS-606-0062
Lincoln Red Bull Lincoln Red Bull Head with Rosettes

ANM-D184-CN645-88-695-46 ANM-D184-CN645-78-695-43
Lincoln Red Cow Lincoln Red Heifer

ANM-D184-CN645-148-796-41 ANM-D184-CN645-128-696-53
Lincoln Red Senior Bull Lincoln Red Young Bull

ANM-D78-CN35-50-502-13 ANM-D473-F1-804-0258
Line Up of Simmental Heifers Line of Limousin Back Ends

ANM-D466-F3-RSS-1204-43 AW-D3-CN35-2-196-36
Livestock Auction at Smithfield Show Livestock Market and Sale

ANM-D3-CN35-262-1295-7 ANM-D473-F1-1104-0001
Livestock Market and Sale Local Primestock Show

ANM-D121-CN645-68-600-43 ANM-D184-CN645-193-891-52
Longhorn Bull Longhorn Bull Head

ANM-D523-F1-RWS-805-9077 ANM-D185-CN645-191-891-45
Longhorn Bull Head On Longhorn Bull Rear View

ANM-D470-F4-804-4723 CIY-D166-603-4
Longhorn Bulls Eye and Face Longhorn Cattle

CIY-D111-303-13 VF-D517-F4-1206-33
Longhorn Cattle Longhorn Cattle Grazing

ANM-D524-F1-RNS-604-4137 ANM-D524-F1-RNS-608-0278
Longhorn Champion Bull Longhorn Champion Heifer

ANM-D524-F2-NCS-504-453 ANM-D524-F2-RNS-606-0273
Longhorn Champion Junior Bull Longhorn Champion Senior Bull

ANM-D185-CN645-209-995-42 CIY-D111-303-14
Longhorn Cow Longhorn Cow and Calf

CIY-D163-603-13 CIY-D168-603-9
Longhorn Cow with Charolais Cross Calf Longhorn Cow with Charolais Cross Calf

ANM-D185-CN645-194-891-45 CIY-D164-603-2
Longhorn Cows Head Longhorn Head

ANM-D524-F2-NCS-506-3181 ANM-D470-F4-804-4724
Longhorn Head and Rosettes Longhorn Head in Halter

ANM-D185-CN645-215-894-43 ANM-D524-F2-RNS-604-4158
Longhorn Heifer Longhorn Prize Heifer

ANM-D185-CN645-199-796-48 ANM-D185-CN645-187-796-44
Longhorn Senior Bull Longhorn Senior Bull stood

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Total images in this catagory 736