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Terms and Conditions of  Trading

The End User

Only the end user will be licensed to use the image.

End User Licence and Rights of Use of Images

Upon payment in full, Acquire Image Media will licence the end user, who may or may not be the purchaser, the right to use the image for all marketing, promotional, advertising, editorial and display purposes in the normal course of trading by the end user. The copyright is owned by Acquire Image Media  or its' associates, principals or contributors.  There is no condition or restriction as to the length of time the end user may use the image, nor to the geographic whereabouts that it is used, nor to the size, type of display or juxtaposition of the image. Neither the end user or purchaser may sell or transfer the image or allow the image to be used by another party. The image is not offered on an exclusive use basis.

Payment and Terms

Payment is required with order and in sterling. Payment can be made by credit or debit card either by telephone,  fax, over this website or by cheque and sent to us by post.


It understood that any individual placing an order on behalf of an organisation or end user is authorised to do so.

Preparation Processing and Delivery

In most cases standard image goods will be delivered within 14 days or sooner. They will be delivered by electronic transfer (including e-mails and attachments), Royal Mail post or independent carrier. Goods can be delivered within 7 days or less, down to same day delivery on occasions. Where goods are required within seven days or sooner, by specific arrangement, an express service charge will apply. Similarly where special delivery services are required and goods have to be insured, extra charges may be incurred.  Further, more specific information on this is given on our charges page and can also be obtained by telephone.

Standard Images

The "standard" image is the description given to the image as shown on the Acquire Image Media web site, together with its' reference and price.  Manipulation, re-sizing and any changes required to the standard image will be charged for extra and is an "iMage Plus" service.

Sizes, Formats, Resolutions

Print, transparency, file and other image sizes, formats, types and resolutions are  approximate and may vary due to the particular image in question.

No Further Sale  Agreements

Whilst appreciating that some of our customers may feel the need to have the exclusive use of an image,  "exclusivity" is not included within the price of a standard image. We are of course willing to offer a "no further sale" agreement on some images.  "no further sale" agreement charges will vary, depending on the image chosen, but in the main, will start at the standard image charge plus 100% (99) per annum or 12 per month (4 weeks) per image.  "No further sale" agreements mean that we will not licence the use of a specific image during the period that a no further sale Agreement is in force.  Customers should be aware, however, that an image may have been licensed for use prior to a no further sale request and we will be free to re-licence the image to other customers when the no further sale agreement period is over.  We will, of course, always advise. 

Screen Images

It should be noted that the images on screen are for viewing purposes only and are not for any commercial use.  The quality is only suitable for viewing. It should also be remembered that there may be differences in the quality, tone, colour balance, layout and sizes of images, depending on the monitor screen used for viewing, its' settings, age and condition.

Supply of Images

We  reserve the right not to supply an image if we consider its' use to be in bad taste or against the interests of  Acquire Image Media, its' customers or contributors.


Once goods have been ordered and processed and supplied according to order, we cannot accept cancellation of the order and the goods cannot be returned for a refund or credit. We must be notified within 7 days of  invoice date of any goods or services that are incorrectly supplied, damaged or defective.  After this time no claim, credit or refund will be allowable.

Value Added Tax

Prices are subject to VAT at the current rate and a VAT invoice will always be supplied.  VAT may not be chargeable to organisations based outside of the UK sterling area.

Privacy Statement

The purpose of this statement is to explain how any information given to us by way of this web site is used.

Any sensitive information sent to us, including that relating to credit card details, is encrypted (scrambled) while being sent over the Internet.  This makes it very difficult for anyone to intercept.  Our web sites use SSL technology, which is the industry standard encryption technology that protects data from being intercepted during transit.

The information that is sent to us will only be used to process orders, improve our service and help us to better understand customer requirements.


These terms and conditions should be read in conjunction with the other information contained in the Acquire Image Media web site, including the charges page.

A Little About Us

Acquire Image Media ( AIM ) is the brand name and media image division of  Anthony Mosley Photographer. AIM acts both as an image store for those requiring images for business and as an agency for contributors. Anthony Mosley Photographer has built up an excellent reputation based on personal recommendation for commissioned photographic work since 1985 with a specialist knowledge in the areas of agriculture, livestock and food. For a range of other photographic work and services please click on

Although we have been working on this project for over two years now, this is the first year of trading for Acquire Image Media which has only become active since last year.  We accept, therefore, that we have a lot to learn from both our customers and contributors. We will listen closely to the comments and feed back that we get and will continually be looking to improve the quality of service and content, ease of use, and relations with both our customers and contributors.

No doubt in the course of improvements there will be changes in all our areas of operation and we would ask you to keep an eye on this page and the website in general for any changes.

We firmly believe that if we give the commitment and effort to this new project that it deserves we will be able to build a business that will generate a profitable and  useful income for our contributors whilst offering a very specialised  service at a value for money price for our customers.

We look forward to hearing from you and hope this will be the start of mutually satisfactory working partnership

Acquire Image Media

  16 Edgecombe Way, St Ann's Chapel, Gunnislake, Cornwall, PL18 9HJ. ENGLAND

Telephone and Fax:   Int +44(0)1822 833204.

e-mail at 

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